Asshole Design

Publication  |Typography |Motion

Designers are becoming increasingly engaged in helping the world around them however the world never has it’s shortage of unethical practices and that includes design. Hostile Design is a design made by assholes wether in the form of tiny “x’s“ on mobile game ads or fake bills you get in the mail that are just advertisement. On the internet they are known as “asshole designs”. This became increasingly worrying during the pandemic where most if not all business, communication and entertainment happens through the web. We are constanly being forced to give companies our emails, watch ads or have our time and information sold to others. Although the internet has no rules or true moderation, there comes a point to where people should decide wether or not they have to deal with it. 


Combat hostile design on the web while calling attention to it’s horrendus nature but also includes alot of information and graphics that informs reader on what to do and how to go forward with the information.