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According to the FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, around 8.4 million (6.5%) Americans are considered unbanked, and additional 18.7% are considered underbanked. Without banking services, these people are forced to turn to commercial companies for basic financial services, and are frequently subject to predatory fees and a vicious cycle of debt that keeps them from achieving financial stability.

Project Collaborators:

Web Lead: Jamecia Woodard 
Mobile Lead: Katy Fiorini
Branding Leads: Melody Deviney & Juan Salinas

Project Scope and Goals


While the United States Postal Service used to offer a wide array of successful banking services, this system of postal banking has since faded into history.Today, the demand for postal banking is growing, and is seen as a potential solution in bridging the gap between having and not having a bank account.

How can financial services be incorporated into the USPS brand in a straightforward and accessible way?


The chosen solution centers around the creation of an account with USPS that lets users access the most essential financial services:

1. Check Cashing
2. Small Dollar Loans
3. Online Money Orders
4. Simple Checkings + Savings Accounts
5. Carrier Tracking

Using our findings from the research and user mapping, we then drafted a design solution involving the creation of a 3-part USPS
Finance system.


1. The primary app where the user does more of there day to to day simple banking and looking through promotionals.

2. AUSPSF website  based off
the same general flow as the
app, but offers users a slightly
more detailed overview of their

3. A card that gives them the ability to access their account.

User Personas and IBM Thinking Strategies


Empathy Map:

Needs Statement:



Visual Identity and  Final Product: